Some couples consider adoption when treatment is not successful. According to the National Statistics Office, in 2009, 44 children were adopted. The Adoption Act can be viewed HERE.

The Adoption Services with Agenzija Appogg serve to assess the suitability of the couple or individual who is interested in adopting the child. They will look at psychological, social and medical aspects. They will assist with the completion of documentation and forms, as well as provide support and guidance. A married couple who have been married for three or more years or single person can adopt a child. Cohabiting couples cannot adopt jointly, one person can adopt and the other is not under legal obligation towards the child. At least one of the prospective parents has to be 28 years of age, and the maximum age difference between one of the prospective parents and the child is 45 years.

The adoption process starts when a couple or person shows interest in adopting. They are informed of the Maltese legislation and then required to attend a series of preparation seminars. Once these are completed, social workers will assess the prospective parents and publish a Home Study Report which is then presented to the Adoption Board, who will decide on the suitability of the prospective parents. If approved, parents are put on a waiting list until a child is matched for adoption.

At present, work is being undertaken to ensure a smoother adoption process, which aims to reduce the waiting time for the Appogg adoption courses, as well as aims to make it easier for Maltese children to be adopted. Currently Malta has cross-country adoption agreements with Albania, Bulgaria, Cambodia, Colombia, Ethiopia and Russia.

Agenzija Appogg also offer support to mothers who are contemplating giving their child for adoption.

For more information on adoption, contact Agenzija Appogg on 2295 9000, via email or visit their website