Coitus Interruptus

Also known as the Withdrawal method, this involves withdrawing the penis before ejaculation, therefore preventing sperm from entering the vagina. It has no protective value from Sexually Acquired Infections and is not very effective for preventing pregnancy, as pre-ejaculation fluid may contain sperm.

Some couples find it very difficult and frustrating to make use of this method, as it creates some tension and anxiety as to whether the man would manage to withdraw in time. Some couples finds that it disrupts their sexual pleasure. However, several couples find that this is their preferred method of contraception because it has no side-effects and is free.



  • Easily available
  • Requires no consultations with health professionals
  • Acceptable to certain religions
  • No financial cost
  • Under the control of the couple


  • Low efficacy
  • No protection against HIV and other Sexually Acquired Infections
  • May inhibit enjoyment and is highly interrupts sexual intercourse
  • May lead to sexual dysfunction

Absolute contraindication

  • Men experiencing premature ejaculation