Mucus Method

During the different stages of the menstrual cycle there is a variation in the consistency and amount of the mucus secreted from the cervix.

This can be checked by gently placing the middle finger into your vagina and pushing it up around 2cm. The vagina is dry in the first few days after the period. When the body starts to prepare for ovulation, hormone levels rise, and the cervix is now producing mucus that is moist and sticky and is white and creamy in colour. This is the start of the fertile period. Just before ovulation the mucus will get wetter, and more fluid like. It is at this time when one is most fertile. When the mucus becomes thicker and sticky about three days later, you should no longer be fertile.

It is important for a woman to record her menstrual cycle for a few months prior to using this method. With a 28-day cycle, a woman is likely to ovulate 14 days after the first day of her period. Therefore, she can get pregnant between day 8 and day 20 of her cycle (due to the life-span of sperm and oocytes).  Not all women have this cycle therefore they should first monitor their cycle closely so as to establish their pattern and understand their bodies better before they use this method.