Natural Family Planning Methods

This involves observing and recording bodily changes throughout the menstrual cycle in order to know when a woman is ovulating. Sex should be avoided on those days to prevent pregnancy. In order for this method to be effective, accurate records have to be kept, and it only works if a woman has regular periods.

Advantages of Natural Family Planning Methods

  • Once learnt its use is under the control of the couple
  • Inexpensive (except in the personal contraceptive method)
  • Can be used to promote pregnancy
  • Increases couple‚Äôs knowledge of changes in the body and fertility
  • No physical side effects
  • More acceptable to Roman Catholic community


Disadvantages of Natural Family Planning Methods

  • Requires motivation
  • Needs to be taught by a specialist in natural family planning
  • Requires the observation and recording of changes in the body
  • May take time to learn so may require a period of abstinence.


  •    Cana movement offers information and lectures on the natural family planning method. More information can be accessed on: