Temperature Method

The temperature method works on the premise that there is a slight increase in body temperature after ovulation takes place. There are thermometers specifically designed to be used for natural family planning pr a digital thermometer will also suffice.

Instructions for The temperature method:

Take your temperature every morning just as you wake up, before doing anything else and at the same time each day. When you encounter three consecutive days when your body temperature is higher than all of the previous six days, it is likely that you are no longer fertile at this time. The increase in temperature is quite slight, about 0.2 Celsius.

It is important for a woman to record her menstrual cycle for a few months prior to using this method. With a 28-day cycle, a woman is likely to ovulate 14 days after the first day of her period. Therefore, she can get pregnant between day 8 and day 20 of her cycle (due to the life-span of sperm and oocytes).  Not all women have this cycle therefore they should first monitor their cycle closely so as to establish their pattern and understand their bodies better before they use this method.