Sexual problems are a major concern in men and women afflicted by cardiovascular disease. It is therefore essential to be open with your physician about your sexual life. While it is generally safe to resume sexual activity about four to six weeks after the cardio-vascular event, or when the condition has stabilised, it is advisable to discuss this with your doctor.

Cardio-vascular disease can affect sexual function in various ways. For example, high blood pressure and high cholesterol may cause damage to the blood vessels. Drugs taken for the treatment of cardio-vascular disease or anxiety about the condition may also cause sexual dysfunction. Drugs taken for erectile dysfunction are generally considered to be safe, unless the patient is taking nitrate therapy. Oral contraceptives increase the tendency of thrombus formation and should be taken after consulting with your doctor.

Estrogens can be used by post-menopausal women if applied locally or inserted vaginally.