Coming Out

Telling people about your sexual orientation is a big transition is someone’s life. You don’t have to come out to everyone, all at once. This is a very personal decision that you should do only if you feel ready for, but equally not being able to be open about who you are can be hard.

Although it could be a difficult time for you, also bear in mind that the news might be difficult for those on the receiving end of it. Don’t let this dishearten you. Remember that with time, people will be more understanding and accepting than when you first tell them. Decide whom you want to tell first. Think about people you trust and know will be supportive. The more support you get, the easier it will be to come out to others. It is important that the people you tell will not tell others behind your back. You might decide to tell your parents. Sometimes parents believe that they must have raised their children in such a way that made them gay. This isn’t true, and research shows that being gay is determined by biological factors. Tell your parents that you need their love and support, and that you understand that they may need time to accept the news. Alternatively, you could initially come out to someone you know is gay. They may be able to support you and tell you about their process.

Coming out can be difficult, particularly initially, but you will find that it brings with it more benefits to your life. You won’t have to feel that you are hiding something from people around you. People find that they are less anxious after they have come out.