Lesbians are women who have sex with other women. Some individuals realise they are gay at an early age whilst other realise at a later stage in life.


There are several types of sexual relationships including sexual and non-sexual ones, long-term and short-term, with anonymous as opposed to known partners and over internet and in person. Any relationship can be fine if you are fine with it and it does not oppose any risk to your health. You should be comfortable to negotiate you sexual behaviour, desires and fantasies with your sexual partner/s. If you are still uncomfortable you might be not ready as yet to have sex. 


Lesbians are not immune to Sexually Acquired Infections. Learn to protect yourself. Women who come in contact with body fluids, perform unprotected oral sex and are menstruating are at a greater risk of getting infected. When using sex toys use condoms for each partner and a different condom should be used for every orifice. Sex toys should be maintained clean with soap and water. Use dental dams for oral sex and avoid oral sex if you have gum disease, ulcers or cuts or if you just have brushed your teeth or flossed. If lesbians have sex with males, make sure that condoms are used for all kinds of sex i.e. oral, vaginal or anal. Do not rely on partners involved for condoms. The vagina is to be kept clean and douching should be avoided. Vaginal irritation and soreness can be caused by strong perfumes and over zealous cleaning. It is important to have yourself vaccinated against preventable diseases such as Hepatitis A & B. Consult sexual health professionals if you feel you want to discuss sexual health matters and if you suspect to have an infection. Services available are the GU clinic on 21227981 or the Health Promotion and Disease Prevention on 23266000.