MSM are males who have sex with males. Some individuals realise that they are gay at an early age, some realise at a later stage in life.


There are several types of sexual relationships including sexual and non-sexual ones, long-term and short-term, with anonymous or known partners, over internet or in person. Any relationship can be fine unless you are fine with it and it does not oppose any risk to your health. You should be comfortable to negotiate you sexual behaviour, desires and fantasies with your sexual partner/s. If you are still uncomfortable you might be not ready as yet to have sex. For example you might not like anal sex and if your partner performs it as you might get hurt or else expose you to Sexually Acquired Infections. Not all MSM have anal sex, some feel that sex without penetrations such as kissing and snuggling is enough for them.


Do not rush into having sex, be prepared i.e. you have to like the guy, trust him and practise safer sex by using condoms always. Unprotected sex is RISKY BEHAVIOUR. Do not rely on any one to have condoms but have your own. Try to avoid large age gaps in relationships as it may put you in a vulnerable position. It is important to have yourself vaccinated against preventable diseases such as Hepatitis A & B. Consult sexual health professionals if you feel you want to discuss sexual health matters or if you suspect that you have an infection. Services available are the GU clinic on 21227981, Health Promotion and Disease Prevention on 23266000 or your own doctor.