This is different to sexual orientation (i.e. which gender you are attracted to). A person’s sex is the biological and state of being male or female, a person’s gender is the psychological attributes that are given to these states. Some people feel that they are born in the wrong body, they feel that they are of one gender, yet have the genitalia of the other. Gender is a crucial part of our identity; it is the first label we get when we are born, sometimes even before that. “It’s a girl! It’s a boy!” Therefore, this discrepancy causes a lot of pain and confusion for the person involved and their family.

Some transgender individuals report that they knew from childhood, and showed marked preferences for games, clothes and activities of the other gender. They felt more at ease with members of the opposite sex. Sometimes this awareness can come much later in life,

People struggle with being seen as being “male” or “female” when they feel they aren’t. This can lead to social isolation, anxiety, depression and body image issues. People sometimes choose to undergo gender reassignment, which requires specialist medical and psychological care. Treatment involves hormones and in some cases people decide to undergo surgery. However, being any treatment is implemented; the person must first live as their chosen gender for at least a year. It is advisable that you consult with your doctor who can inform you about reputable services offered abroad. It is risky to find contacts through the internet. Psychological therapy will be required for a minimum of two years.