Peyronie's Disease

Peyronie’s disease is a disorder of the inner layers of the penis (the tunica albuginea and surrounding tissue). It results in painful erections, curvature of the penis and erectile dysfunction, and can make sexual intercourse painful or even impossible. The exact cause is unknown but research shows that it could be due to repeated urethral infections. Peyronie’s disease may be treated by small amount of irradiation, steroids or surgical excision.

In most severe cases surgery is considered, however there are other interventions which are used, although their efficacy is yet to be determined. These are Vitamin E tablets, para-aminobenzoate tablets and injections of collagenase, dimethyl sulfoxide, steroids and calcium channel blockers injected directly into the plaques.


Support and information to the patient and his partner is crucial to treatment and management of this condition. Couples may wish to consider alternative sexual positions, or the use of sex toys.