Forming relationships

Relationships are a basic form of human communication. Relationships vary as people have different ideas, customs and beliefs. Romantic relationships are often formed to date, marry and create a family. This may be a search for love, companionship and intimacy. Relationships are unique as every individual is unique. Certain characteristics are often observable amongst all kinds of relationships. In a heterosexual relationship, men are often seen as the heads of the family even though the division of power is also changing.  In same sex couples a relationship tends to be more founded on close friendships. Both heterosexual and same sex couples engage through the same pathways of growth, go through a process of give and take and start to live together and experience things together. Since humans are social beings and every one of us want to feel included in relationships, groups and society. Our self-esteem and confidence is often enhanced if we have the ability to feel connected to other people in a variety of situations and relationships.



While most of the people choose partners that can actually see every day at school, work or at clubs some people find the internet such as chat rooms, face book and twitter as medium to form relationships. Naturally we usually are more inclined to be attracted towards people who have common characteristics or beliefs to use. Some may also say that opposites attract however there is nothing conclusive on such matters. Also in relationships one tends to choose partners who reciprocate one’s feelings of belonging and respect. Some people argue that there is ‘love at first sight’. It may be true that one may be more attracted to people who are attractive and have the perfect body type i.e. tall, lean and handsome. Such preferences tend to vary in different cultures and areas in the world. Some cultures attribute beauty to plump individuals or particular colour of hair. Needless to say most people want to be ‘in love’ with their partners however other people want more from their relationships such as stability, dependability, sincerity, kindness, financial stability, social status and age. 



Any relationship has its ups and downs. People can disagree in opinion and this may be the cause of arguments and fights. Emotions are often perceived differently by males and females. For example men may tend to avoid discussing problems within relationships while women strive to discuss to order to repair relationships. The relationship problems are often solved by communication and discussion of problems. Thus it is advised to choose an appropriate time and place for discussions, focus on the problem rather than straying on other subjects, give equal opportunities for each individual to talk as this shows respect towards the individual, do not blame or attack the individual and agree to disagree on certain decisions. Sexual problems in the relationship can be resolved in the same way. Effective communication enhances the relationship. Individuals have to be able and willing to reveal their fears, problems, desires and preferences. The partners should be able to express positive and negative experiences and as well as sharing their morals and values. In this may the bond between partners may become stronger and more lasting. Some relationships despite communication and effort they tend to break down. The reason may vary such as lying, cheating, power imbalance, isolations and excessive jealousy. In that case one can reflect on what went wrong and try not to repeat in the future relationships.