Peer Pressure

Peers’ pressure may have a strong influence on a person's life choices and decisions. During adolescence, friends may have an influential role in one's decisions regarding sexuality. 


Although sex is a personal decision, peer pressure is not so uncommon. One of the major contributing factors for teenagers to engage in sexual activity, whether or not they feel ready for it, is the illusion that everyone else is. According to a survey in Psychology Today, boys are more likely than girls to be pressured by friends to have sex. There is no right or wrong time to have sex, it varies for each person.


One of the most crucial things, is that you feel that you are able to talk to your potential partner what you are thinking and feeling. If you feel that your partner is pressuring you into having sex, you need to consider if this is really is the type of relationship you want. If you are both ready to consider it, you should discuss both the actual deed, and the use of contraception. It is normal to have queries before having sex for the first time and it’s important to have reliable sources of information for the answers you need.


Unfortunately, you can get pregnant or an SAI from the first time, so you need to consider contraception as well as infection prevention. You shouldn’t feel you have to compromise on these two things because your partner doesn’t want to use protection. Again, think if you want to be in a relationship with someone who doesn’t prioritise your health and theirs.