What is safer sex?

Safer sex is the practice of protecting yourself and your partner from infections and from unplanned pregnancies.

Safer sexual practices can also include kissing, massaging and mutual masturbation. Such practices can be a  part of pleasurable aspect of a couple‚Äôs sexual activities.

If you are going to have sexual intercourse, you can keep you and your partner safer by doing the following:

  • Always use a condom
  • Only use the same condom once
  • Get tested for SAIs regularly
  • Do not have sex if you suspect that you or your partner might have an SAI
  • Do not have sex if you or your partner has a visible sore, ulcer or lump on their genitals or anal area.
  • SAIs can be transmitted through sex toys. Always clean toys after use and wash your hands after removing the condom. Keep to your own sex toys and use condoms
  • Avoid use of excessive drugs and alcohol
  • Get vaccinated for Hep A, B and HPV
  • Carry out non-penetrative sex such as mutual masturbation (although this still poses the risk of exposure to lice, scabies and warts)