We pledge to sustain our services and efforts so that the population of Malta can live healthier, more rewarding lives.

 The Health Promotion and Disease Prevention Directorate strives to achieve their aims through:

  • Advocating for health based on human rights and solidarity
  • Investing in sustainable policies, actions and infrastructure to address the determinants of health
  • Building and leading alliances with public, private, non-governmental and international organisations and civil society to create sustainable actions for health
  • Monitor progress through appropriate research, indicators and targets
  • Providing capacity building for people to make the right choices for their own health
  • Reaching out to people within the setting of their every day life; where they learn, work, play and love
  • To undertake surveillance of communicable diseases in Malta.
  • To improve reporting of notifiable diseases by creating methods that would encourage early notification.
  • To disseminate relevant, accurate and timely information.
  • To undertake responsibility for the control of infection through timely investigation and management of incidents of communicable diseases.
  • To undertake epidemiological research.
  • To provide advice on communicable diseases to health professionals and the general public.
  • To contribute to training in communicable disease control.