Sexual Health Services

Sexual Health Services

    How the GU clinic works?
    The GU Clinic operates on an important principal of confidentiality. Every person that registers with the GU Clinic will be provided with a unique GU code number and will attend the clinic unaccompanied. This GU code number will be used to register tests and results. Patients who visit the clinic do not need to be referred by a doctor, however, it is important to call for an appointment. If you require an urgent appointment, it is important to call as early as possible. No appointments are required to have an HIV rapid test carried out. Treatment and counselling is given free of charge to ALL (Maltese and foreigners, EU and non-EU). You can call the GU clinic on 25457494/1, and probably you will be requested to leave a message on the answering machine. This is handled only by a healthcare professional and they will call you back. If you call after hours, you are kindly requested to provide your details clearly so that the nurse will call you back as soon as possible.

    Who can attend the GU clinic?

    Anyone can attend the GU clinic, irrespective of the age. Individuals under the age of 18 years can attend the clinic unaccompanied by an adult according to the Medical and Kindred Professions Act, Chapter 31.

    What are the services offered by the GU clinic?
    The services offered by the GU clinic are the following:

    What happens at the GU Clinic?
    Upon entering the GU clinic you will register at the reception where you will be given a queuing number and will be directed to the waiting area. You are then called to be seen by a GU specialist where you are given a code number. All tests will be sent to the lab under this code number. The doctor (specialist) will then take your sexual history and according to the nature of your visit you may require a genital examination.

    Persons with male anatomical characteristics are checked for any abnormalities such as genital warts, lesions or ulcer and also a testicular examination is carried out. Any discharge present is usually sampled and microscopy is carried out. This would determine the choice of treatment to be given. Males are also asked for a first void urine to be tested for Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs). It is important that males stop passing urine 2 hours prior to their appointment.

    Persons with female anatomical characteristics who present with symptoms are given a pelvic examination similar to a smear test procedure but instead swabs are taken to be test for STIs.

    Blood tests for HIV and Syphilis are taken in everyone.

    Where is the GU clinic situated?

    The GU clinic is located on the second floor of the outpatient department, Mater Dei Hospital.

    Postal Address:
    GU Clinic, Mater Dei Hospital,
    Triq id-Donaturi tad-Demm,
    Msida MSD 2090, MALTA

    Clinic Direct Line: 25457494
    For appointment: 25457491


    Opening hours: Monday to Friday; from 7am onwards (Important to call/attend before 1pm).