What are sexual lubricants?
Sexual lubricants (also termed as lube) are substance used during sexual activity to reduce the friction between body parts or objects (such as sex toys).

The body usually naturally produces a secretion called a natural lubricant, during sexual arousal. The lubricant is secreted from the penis and the vagina and gives a 'wet' sensation during arousal and sexual activity. However, some persons may not always produce this lubricant naturally and would require additional lubricant. Decrease in secretion tends to be the result of a medical condition, stress, or age. Some sexual acts also require further lubricant to prevent tissue damage, for example, during anal sex.

When are sexual lubricants indicated?
Sexual lubricants are indicated in cases such as the following:

When can you use sexual lubricants?

What type of lubricants are available?

  • Own Saliva
  • Oil-based lubricants (Cannot be used with latex condoms)
  • Water-based lubricants (Can be used with latex condoms)
  • Silicone-based lubricants (Can be used with latex condoms)
  • 'Speciality' - sexual lubricants (Most can be used with latex condoms)

It is important to check prior use of lubricants if you are allergic to any of the constituents. Also, make sure that are compatible with objects being used.